Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am in an elated mood! 
without any reason i am feeling a strange 
excitement.i am dreaming with open eyes and as if i am living my 
dreams so closely. This is just the effect of music in my ears. Music
is such a strange thing! It can sooth you, heal you, break you..
 it can 
make you smile,  make you jump, change your mood,
 can takeover your thoughts,
 can make you travel into territories that you may find 
inaccessible without the effect of it in your years!
u can shine like sunlight, u can fly like a bird,
walk on the edge of pavements,
 u can dive deep into the  oceans, 
adventure, thrill,
 high on the realms of love, desire, drunk , mad, crazy
u can reach out to the dormant corners of your mind..
u can reach out o your hidden desires..
u can reach out to your untapped energy..
u can reach out to the serenity that prevails inside you..
u can reach out to the immense love inside your heart.
u can reach out to the sensations 
that you have become so oblivious to..
u can reach out to the passions 
that are dying with the humdrum and monotony
u can reach out to yourself..
yourself that becomes inaccessible in the world of yours..
you can reach out to the music inside you
that is dying every moment in the lack of recognition.. 
you can reach out to a higher definition of you!!
you can touch the intangible, can speak the undecipherable
you can JUST FEEL THE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!

gudnite swtdrmz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. glad that you feel elated and happy...stay happy forever :)

  2. Megharana,

    May you remain in this mood always.

    Take care