Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As the Breeze blows
Across my face….
I feel
My breath,
As if trying to
The fragments of air
That you have breathed;
I feel
With my eyes closed,
Searching for your aura
By means of my heart;
I feel
 the serenity,
as I’ll get in your arms;
I feel
The strength
As I’ll get in your companionship;
I feel
As I’ll feel after discovering you;
I feel
As I already have
That you will be perfect for me! J


  1. Dream on, with open eyes, and you might just watch him come close nearby and take you away, to keep you for himself.

    Vivid imagery plus nice photo.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. First of all your blog is so beautiful.

    Love the poem.I am new here .
    Follow each other .

  3. Megha,

    Read 3 pending posts now. One should always check job profile before joining but that may not be possible every time. One week is little too less to decide unless the job is something against your conscience. Then even one day is more than sufficient to quit. What have you finally decided? Both the poems are very well composed. The previous one shows how one always living in protected life feels when circumstances make him or her to be on own. This one shows one totally in love.

    Take care