Tuesday, February 17, 2015

IndiHH# If!!

If I were befikar sari umar,
With no liabilities whatsoever;
I would live my life
to the fullest,
With never dying euphoria
Occupying me to the crest;

If it were possible, I would live like a mad person. My today would have no idea about my tomorrow. And my today will not give a tiniest shit about what was my yesterday.

If it were possible, I would live on the edge.  I would spend erratically without worrying about that thought, “Oh! What am I gonna do tomorrow!” 

If it were possible to not think about any liabilities of the future, I would just get on a never ending shopping spree. I would pamper myself with a new dress everyday. I would happily take risks. I would go to all lengths to discover more and more of this world and myself.

Only if it were possible. ….

But responsibilities can’t ever be given up. We live not only for ourselves, but for so many people. However when I have been given this chance to write about what I would like to do if I had a life free of all constraints, I would just let my imagination fly and come up with the craziest things ;)

@@No. 1@@

I would Travel; travel insanely without breaks. Probably I will just become a hippie and would care nothing. I would shed all my inhibitions, stay at different places, eat different cuisines, meet different people, interact with strangers without forethoughts, dance and party like there is no tomorrow.

@@No. 2@@

I would do shopping; Endless shopping. I would buy all that I can.; Lots of dresses, handbags, shoes, antiques. I would spend everything I have. I would spend all my day in shopping. Street shopping, malling, online shopping, I would not let any avenue unexplored or ungratified!

@@No. 3@@

I would go to Spain for skydiving; falling freely in the air. I would do snorkeling too. I would go to a point in the sea where nothing can be seen for miles together, to live those brilliant words of Farhan Akhtar from the movie Zindagi Na milegi dobara : -

“Pighlay neelam sa behta hua yeh samaan
Neeli neeli si khamoshiyaan
Na kahin hai zameen
Na kahin aasmaan
Sarsaraati huyi tehniyaan, pattiyaan
Keh rahi hain ki bas ek tum ho yahaan
Sirf main hoon meri saansein hain aur meri dhadkanein
Aisi gehraiyaan
Aisi tanhaiyaan
Aur main sirf main
Apne honay pe mujhko yaqeen aa gaya”

@@No.  4@@

I would visit Paris. I would go to Eiffel tower. Climb up and shout out at the top of my voice. Though I don’t know what I would shout about. May be I would Thank god for giving me such a life which is #BefikarUmarBhar : ) I would go to Egyptian pyramids, Las Vegas , Rome, Italy, everywhere!

@@No.  5@@

I would visit the most unexplored places; go to the most difficult treks without fearing to take risks. I would climb mountains; visit the most haunted places without being afraid. I would feed my soul on adventure.


I would just live every bit possible ;)

This post is written for IndiHappyHours Campaign  #BefikarUmarBhar  

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