Sunday, February 1, 2015

A word with Myself

Change is inevitable. People, Situations and Life, all are bound to change. Embrace the change with open arms. When you resist, it creates friction which could cause unnecessary wear and tear. Moreover, whatever you resist, it persists.

If you expect something from someone, you are but bound to be disappointed atleast some day or the other. So, at first place don’t attach any expectations from anyone. Agreed that expectations can’t be completely given up; But the lesser the better.

Be contended with what you are. It does not mean that don’t strive for improvement but what it means is that, don’t strive too hard, be easy on yourself. Sometimes things will happen at their own pace.

Be contended with who you are. Desperate attempts to please others or change yourself according to their liking are not going to fetch you anything. It creates disharmony. Don’t push yourself into a war against yourself just because of some odd desperation for approvals or acceptance.

You are unique, You are special, You are one in a million. Don’t trade in yourself just in order to fit in. Don’t ever give up the Real You for the sake of some superficial and cursory opinions.

Sometimes situations and circumstances will demand letting go. Letting go of people, of some old dreams, of dormant feelings. Don’t hold on to such things or feelings which need to left behind. A fresh start is very important. Every once in a while, make sure to clear all the mess, both on the physical plane and the mental one.

Forgetfulness is important for the soul. When you let go certain things, it should be totally impersonal. Not an iota of feeling should be associated with it.

Love yourself in order to be loved. Respect yourself in order to be respected. Appreciate yourself in order to be appreciated. Treat yourself with dignity and you will be treated so by others as well.

Live, Learn and Grow!!
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