Friday, December 12, 2014

Let's make India cleaner! - Banega swachh India#

The place looked so familiar. As I looked around, it took me a moment to realize that it was my own place, my own home. But how come it became so shabby! Paper plates and coffee cups strewn all over the floor. Wrappers of this and that lying all over the sofa. Dustbin was wide open and all the trash was lying on the floor. The walls had patches of sauces, coffee and what not splattered on them. I was dumbstruck. Was there a ghost here! The night before when I left everything was in place and perfect! I could die with a heart attack but before my heart could collapse, my eyes opened. It was a dream! I was saved and that’s why I am able to write this post.
My eyes opened but I believe every citizen of this country needs to open his eyes. NO wonder we will all have the same exasperating and overwhelming reaction if something of this sort happens to our well kempt home. But what about our county at large? Do we treat it the same way we treat our homes?
Why do people keep collecting heaps of garbage on roadsides? Why people become so impatient to throw the trash and wrappers at the very place they are standing rather than waiting to reach a dustbin? Why do people spit on roads and public places? Why do people pee at roadsides? Why do people spoil the beauty of the very places they pretend to appreciate? Why do people smoke cigarettes and throw them here and there just like that? Why do people chew Pans and gutkhas and empty their mouths anywhere suited to their comfort? Why do people sabotage public property and public parks? Why Public toilets in our country are always in such pathetic condition? Why do people supply adulterated food items on the cost of hygiene and health just for a few extra bucks? Why do caterers supplying bulk food don’t pay any attention to maintain hygiene?  Why do people on spotting some wrappers hesitate so much to pick it up and throw it in its rightful place? Why people disregard and dispel all the advice to follow the cleanliness rules as some impossible moral policing?
Will these people behave in the same manner, had it been their own home? Then why a different treatment is being meted out for the country and the planet earth? Is it not the planet earth which is our home? Is it not our country which is our home? Are our responsibilities of cleanliness limited to four walls of our houses? Don’t we owe any responsibilities towards our country?
Don’t we all have coffee time discussions on how India is lagging behind other developed countries? That how the other countries are so very clean and well maintained? Then why after coffee these intellectuals fail to create awareness among people and selves of the importance of sanitation and cleanliness?
Let’s all resolve to treat our country as our home and take care of it the same way as we do for inside the four walls of our houses. If we can dirty our hands in keeping our homes clean then can’t we do the same for our country? Let’s all be responsible and help in any and every way; smallest and biggest to keep our country clean.

Let’s all be a part of cleanliness drive and ensure that “Banega swach India”
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  1. Swachh Bharat need not be just physical cleanliness, it should also include mental, spiritual cleanliness so that many evils in the society get addressed like corruption, dowry, scams etc. These too are a garbage for the Society.