Thursday, December 11, 2014

INDI-Happy Hours...My wishlist

Seychelles will always be on the top of my wishlist. An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles has the most beautiful and stunning beaches. A perfect getaway for a solo dream holiday.  Capital Victoria is located on the island Mahe, which is the largest island of Seychelles. Praslin island is another easily accessible island which homes the Vallee de mai nature reserve, a Unesco World Heritage Site , where we can see wild coco de mer – the world’s largest coconut. Tiny La Digue with its splendid beaches is a perfect place to be. Unique Granite rock formations one can see here are just a visual treat.
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 Lie at the beaches for hours together and keep observing the sea shore, lazing around, walk in the national parks and natural reserves, and walking purposelessly sometimes, trying out local dishes……..Oh I wish, I could get this holiday!!
There are adventure things to do as well like the undersea diving, snorkeling, boating and cruising!!!
Seychelles is one of the perfect places to be!!!

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Next on my list is Majuli Island which is the largest riverine island on the waters of mighty Brahmaputra. It’s said about the island that it keeps on shrinking due to the erosion caused by river water and may be in twenty years or so it will completely disappear. One has to take a ferry ride from Jorhat to reach Majuli. The island is an absolute bliss for nature lovers and a paradise or bird watchers. The island sees many species of migratory birds. One can also enjoy the various colors of tribal culture and get a feel of the tribal culture here. Majuli is also a hotspot for flora and fauna.

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Kashmir is another favorite. Unmatched in its beauty, It’s a sure heaven on earth. Terrorism has hit the tourism business of Kashmir. But it’s my heartfelt desire to visit Kashmir once. Smell the fragrance of flowers of Gulmarg valley, Stay on houseboat on Dal-lake, encage in my soul the beauty of mountains, glaciers and the meadows of Sonmarg, and get lost in the scenic beauty of Pehalgam. Only if it was possible, I would spend an eternity in this heavenly place.

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Ladakh, the next on the list is located in the state of J&K. The rocky mountains of Ladakh covered with snow and the clear deep blue water of the lakes is breathtakingly beautiful. The place is no less than divine. Untouched by human atrocities on nature, it’s a treat for the eyes and a blessing for a photographer. I wish to travel to this place on a bike. A romantic drive to Ladakh on a bike is a dream I would give anything for!!

Kanyakumari, is another on my wish list. It’s the southernmost point of India where three seas, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea meet. This place therefore is called Triveni Sangam. Kanyakumari has got religious significance. There are many temples worth visiting. Also there is a rock in the mid of the water where its said that Swami Vivekananda meditated and attained enlightenment. A rock memorial by the name of Vivekananda memorial has been constructed here on the rock in the water which is one of the main attractions of visitors. The sunrise and sunset as seen from here have matchless beauty. One can see the sun in its various hues and colors as it rises above the horizon in the morning and goes back to sleep somewhere beyond the reach of eyes in the evening.

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  1. Good list!
    Just visited Kanyakumari.
    Yet to visit the rest!