Thursday, December 25, 2014

Clean shaven and well groomed? Check.

Day 1 -  Akash was jogging in the park. He accidentally bumped into a beautiful girl. Before he could say sorry she gave him tough looks and went away without giving him slightest chance to open his mouth even. She was beautiful indeed. In fraction of seconds, he had noticed her entirely. Her deep blue eyes which were looking beautiful even though she was staring badly at him, her light skin tone with her slightly brown wavy hair locks, her tiny lips with a perfect pink shade. He was attracted to her so badly. But he knew he had already lost his chance. He reached back his room and happened to look at the mirror. Now he understood why she had not  paid even slightest attention to him. His beard! He had not shaved for past one week. The mirror could have declined to show him his face had it such an option! Realizing this he didn't take a second more and grabbed his gillette razor and dropped his lazy stubble look to a handsome clean shave gentleman look.
Day 2 -  Akash was coming back from office when he saw a car stranded in the middle of the road. That stretch of the road was kind of desolate. Then he noticed the same gal from the park standing near the car. He stopped his car and went to the lady. She didn't recognize him and he felt thankful to god for a moment. Yes, he did look different with a Clean shave Gentleman look! She told him about the sudden problem her car had got. He offered to drop her as he was going towards the same side. She thanked him and accepted his help. “Ananya here”, She introduced herself. She started a casual conversation. He was listening to her but he was lost in her beautiful face. Somehow he was managing to distract himself to drive the car. Thankfully her place had come. He said goodbye to her and hesitantly asked for her number. She smiled and asked him to return the favor.  Akash could not believe the girl who gave him such looks the day before is actually exchanging number with him today. Such was the Gillette magic.
He asked to escort her till her flat which was 2 min walk from the parking. He took her smile to an answer in affirmative. He escorted her till her gate and said goodbye. He was about to turn back towards his car when she turned a little high on her heels, leaned towards him and kissed him on his cheek. He had  found his first love and all thanks to the Gillette.

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Topics for Girls-
An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man’s chance to make a good impression.
An instance when a well groomed look ensured that they struck gold on an opportunity given to them.

Topics for Guys-
Missed chances- Stories or instances where you missed out on an opportunity because of a non-shaven face.
Luck or Confidence?- Will you leave your fate in the hands of destiny or will you step up and say yes to a well-groomed face to be at your best everyday? #WillYouShave.

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