Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Morning scribbles !

The rays of sun making their way through the fog to kiss the earth and leave a trace of warmth in this chilly morning. Trisha is sitting at her window among the woods with the thoughts occupying her mind. She is so unaware of her thoughts not paying any heed to the careless thoughts framing transiently and evaporating through the narrowest crevice possible. She is enchanted by the freshness of this morning though its just like every other morning but sensations she’s getting today are just so amazing, so fresh, so beautiful, so refreshing. Today is the day to go by her instincts ,she thought. She walked out, pulled out the keys of her car and jumped in for a long drive with herself with her thoughts with the rising sun, singing birds, evading fog. It felt it was the day to unlock the hidden corners of mind, be receptive and understanding towards self, to feel the feelings that do not have a name, just plain mesmerized may be.
“do not carry baggages full of negative feelings in your journey of life.” She had once heard that. “So strange that such one liners have such a permanent impressions on our minds but still we don’t follow them. We lock them in the dormant corners of the mind and continue living like we always had! Should not we live such one liners that we have so much respect for!” She is thinking and enjoying the music of nature along which is matching the frequency of her feelings today, the music that often goes unheard in the normally flurried existence. “the life is beautiful but we get so harsh on life sometimes to overlook its beauty and the teachings that it offers us in the form of numerous experiences and we grab the negativity instead of grabbing the beautiful experience that made us what we are!”
Oh! ! All of a sudden her car stops. May be there was not enough fuel to run it! She smiles and starts walking. There is a temple on a visible distance. “an amazing start of the day!” she thinks and starts heading towards the temple. The sound of the bell as she rings it reverberates through the walls and fills her heart with a pure delight. She won’t ask for anything today, not even emotionally blackmail the god as she normally tried to do, today it was just gratitude on her mind. Sitting there for sometime she started back towards her car.


  1. Fresh as the morning. Lovely!
    But I hope she finds a way to return home.

  2. Agree with Sayak, as fresh as a morning and feels like a rejuvenating experience too! :)

  3. And so it is, a beautiful dawn, of the world, outside the eyes, and inside the mind.

    Nice one Megha, write often.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Awesome...it was an experience and not a read...beautiful keep writing such lovely stuff Megha!

  5. @sayak: hm indeed she will find a way thats what she has learnt to have faith :)
    may be i will write about the return journey also!
    @saurav: thanks saurav :)
    @Anshul: hm i guess i will try to be more regular!!
    @palak: hm u can say it was an experience of the sorts!! thanks Palak :)

  6. Lovely write up..Positivity and faith are very important but sometimes life gets shrouded in so many negative incidents that we miss out on optimism..The small tennis match always goes on and finally it's faith that triumphs..

  7. Hey, hi
    nature is truly an amazing experience in itself...true we dont appreciate it much, but a beauty nevertheless...

    The Silhouette...

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  9. I love the picture... so serene!!
    “do not carry baggages full of negative feelings in your journey of life.” ---- I really agree to this one
    Your template looks great.

  10. @gvsparx: thanx a lot!! and thanks for stopping by :)