Thursday, February 24, 2011


Restlessly chasing the waves
To catch hold of them
 And seize their flow
An impasse creeping into the audacious caves
To fight off the tidal waves
And return their blow
Beyond lies the wisdom
But the doors
 invisible impenetrable to crawl
Inspiration too miniscule
to wait for things to befall
For the vision is hazy
 Swaying thoughts going crazy
 Seems like a distant dream
Tired of these scrupulous screams
 Should one surrender to these wavy regimes?


  1. Absolutely not. There is no surrender once the boat put in the waters.
    जब नाव जल में छोड़ दी, तूफ़ान में ही मोड़ दी, दे दी चुनौती सिंधु को, तब धार क्या, मजधार क्या?


  2. absolutely wow!
    i love the choice of words and the way its crafted. good to see this post after quite some time.. keep blogging! :)

  3. You are a Prophet !! A visionary soul.....

    love u...