Monday, January 3, 2011

helo!! m i pissed off?

helo everyone,
sorry i m making u read my crap as the very first post of new year...
but what do i do!!
right now m just feeling like writing it out here! its not really that i am pissed off but yes a little sad because i tell u why? should i!! k whatever but i think i can't hold it. can i? can i?.........NO! but nyways its a silly stupid reason!!
i want something and if i am having a hard time getting it,don't i have the right to blah blah all the stupid things here. actually its really stupid but k i want to have somebody as my project mentor simply because i am a big big big fan cum admirer cum i dont know what n somehow things are not in my favour!
"goodness! is this girl stupid?" thats what u might be thinking now but its alright after all its my personal space n i have every right to say all the world's most stupid things here!
sorry friends i made u read this stupid crap if u have actually reached the end!! :) hihihahah... now i am feeling better...m not pissed off anymore but plz wish for my silly wish to come true!!


  1. thanx sayak!
    n my wish actually came true :):D

  2. hummm first of all my all the wishes for u to make your life in your own never forget ur friends and family !! I pray may this year u got lot of Khatte meette moments !!! so DOST keep enjoy ur THIS year with ur heart and soul !!

    Jai Ho Mangalmay hO

  3. Don't let small and silly things bother you for long. Have fun! :)

  4. maybe the new mentor turn out much better...

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  6. goodness!!!
    wat did u just write!! :)

  7. @ meghrans... nuthing just a crap comments ... it is crappy one... isn't? ... :) :) :)

  8. I can't believe I read that!!
    I wanted you to spell your wish out...
    But you never did...
    I pray for you....but next time do tell me what it was
    Stay happy!!
    Stay Connected :)

  9. well that was kinda insane...yeah its totally ur personal space n i can see you pretty much use it... :P
    anywaz nice blog...