Sunday, February 20, 2011

illusive seasons!!

caged birds do fly,
sinful hearts do cry;
for nothing is absolute,
however hard one may try;

walking down the silent lanes,
overwhelmed by the lovely rains;
to relinquish the hold was a compulsive urge,
with the floods of affection taking a surge;

the roads tangled
and the hearts jangled;
the moment was still,
with an intoxicating thrill;

some feelings can't be shrouded,
which make your world clouded ;

it was a dream, she opened her eyes,
there was no rain only clear blue skies;
she possesses no wings,
its just these magnetic swings;

the destine was forever same,
meeting of poles is eternally restrained.


  1. Hey, Hi...
    The words tell a story, they always do. Only thing, sometimes you need to get under those illusory blanket of words...
    nicely penned...

    The Silhouette...

  2. Beautifully done Megha!
    Perhaps, the distant poles seldom meet. If they are forced, they repel or loose their charismatic magnetism, yet the irony is that, one cannot exist without the other either. Magnetic monopoles do not exist. Just like the ying and the yang, they complete each other.
    Some feelings cannot be shrouded, and some words should never be mouthed.

    Very nice,

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Megha,

    You have a way with words to say most known fact of life which many of us tend to forget.

    Take care

  4. that's soulful poetry when words flow from within...

  5. Wishes can never go dry,
    For those who live to fly,
    They see a way beyond the sky,
    However hard it may be to try..

    Your post was beautiful! And I was so right when I read just the four lines of this post. I was expecting this post to end like this. Keep writing :)

  6. caged birds do fly..
    sinful hearts do cry...

    wow....Beautiful post..You are a beautiful soul...wana know you more and more....