Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Unheard echoes of heart
Reverberating through
The tearing silence;
To the realms of dormant feelings
Hidden deliberately
In spite of appearance
Firing the questions
About the reality
of the pretended nonchalance;
eyes contravene the expressed
refuting the utterings
of not caring;
the moistness in the corners
witnessing the wait
to hear the unsaid
to speak the swallowed emotions;
searching through the crowd
for a look
trying to distinguish
that one voice
to realize the dream
of being together
forever into the paradise
of love…


  1. woosh... this one was good, sad, good albeit.

    It was both good and sad.


  2. awesome.... it is called cocktail of feelings... nice...keep ur good work...

  3. Megha: There is lot in between the lines, deepest corner's expressions.
    Sad and beautiful!

  4. Megharana,

    I am now able to visit my blogfriends. Read pending posts. Beautiful photograph. If we get satisfaction by doing something, even at our discomfort, for the one we love, how do we call it selfless? So basically it implies that when you put the one you love above yourself, it is selfless. Very emotional poem stating unspoken desire of seeing one you love or loved.

    Take care

  5. Unspoken words,
    let they be,
    the void shall-
    be filled with silence.

    Wonderful poem! :)