Tuesday, October 26, 2010

just like dat!!

peeling off the rotten layers,
relishing love as universal share,
starting afresh starting anew,
bidding the rues forever adieu.


  1. It's time to let go, it's time to carry on with the show
    don't mourn what is gone, greet the dawn

    Remembrance, can be a sentence, but it comes to you with a second chance in tow
    Don't lose it, don't refuse it, cos you cannot learn a thing you think you know

    Beautiful poem. Little words, a very beautiful expression.

  2. lovely, Megha.
    so much emotion in just a few lines... have been missing your posts...

  3. @ mehak: thanx for commenting in mehak! loved to see u here :)

  4. can't just bid adieu to certain things.. which is very important to start anew. Nice writeup

  5. Megharana,

    Short but full of meaning. One has to let go and start afresh.

    Take care

  6. Wonderful!

    I am immensely appreciative of petite pieces that carry a sea of ponderances. This is one such.

    Thanks for dropping by.