Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jst like dat!!

Sometimes i just love sarcasm :) ;)
I don't know why do i go all gaga over sarcasm and satires sometimes!! 
But on the contrary i hate somebody showing sarcasm to my face. Still the people who show sarcasm will stay on my mind as an influence.

I am nothing but a living irony!! ;)
someday i would like to build a pathway to reach the doors  where i can see a dead end .......
Beyond!! i want to reach beyond!! what that beyond is i yet don't know ;) 


  1. yup sarcasm, i believe, is a very imp part of life.. i too just love sarcasm even when i have somebody showing it to my face :):)

  2. hehe I dislike it often but yeah there are few times when i just simply love throwing it ;)

  3. its interesting when we are not at the recieving end ;)

  4. Megharana,

    Read all pending posts. I, a good poem which shows self confidence. Silence is surely not a sign of arrogance but mostly of wisdom. Cross Roads shows how a person gets confused when goal seems elusive. Thanks for tip about online shopping. Sarcasm makes one see other side of a thing also. It builds own strength when faced with it.

    Take care

    Take care