Wednesday, November 23, 2011


she has blocked the last ray of sun 
entering through the smallest crevice possible
 for this is the end of hope 
so that she can atleast live with the peace.
the world of darkness calls for her
for that is where she belongs
for that is where she can breathe
for that is where she can have eternal peace.


  1. Megharana,

    Read all pending post. Why mood swings? Hope nothing serious. One should keep own interest in mind but not be selfish. Good poems but why on little sad note?

    Take care

    PS : No time for visits?

  2. nice post....'end of hope' 'world of darkness' why so negative..ur last two posts r sad..r u actually sad or unhappy or just penning down ur thoughts????

  3. I see her as poised and wanting to absorb and capture every last bit of sunlight and yet waiting for the darkness seductively as if she'll miss something should she quiver...