Monday, November 21, 2011


The intangible touch of 
the thin beam of light
from the first rays of sun 
burns her skin
making the cold blood run 
from stillness to chaos
rushing through the veins 
to make her numb with the pain..


  1. not sure wht r u trying to say by 'cold blood'...r u saying she is a bad person and pain is bringing her redemption from her sins

  2. Megha you right too well...
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  3. @rudram: being cold is being bad den might be ur perception is true..for me 'cold blood' implies just nothingness.. wat being bad is anywaz!!
    @ @ngel: thanks so much!! dats generous of you to say that!!:) replied on your mail address :)

  4. beautifully writtn pingsss.. :)
    lv u...