Monday, August 23, 2010

Wh@t the picture say$ ? !!! ;)

                                                               A dive into the sea of perfection
                                                               To lead a life of satisfaction;
                                                                Elicit the immortal faith and
                                                                Blow off the residual hate;
                                                                Flip the wings wide open
                                                                For the creative envision to drop in;
                                                                Welcome the abundance and splendor
                                                                And experience the freedom of candor;
                                                                Embrace the light of wisdom
                                                                To forget mundane of earthly kingdom;
                                                                Dissolve into the softness of the waves
                                                                And have courage to walk on invisible paves;
                                                                Get aligned with the frequency of love
                                                                To turn the intellect into a blissful hub.


  1. From the abyss of darkest trenches,
    there I now see a halo sublime,

    In the darkness of the hollow oceans,
    there I now see a shimmer, a ray of light,

    Don't hold me down oh gravity,
    its time I paid my dues,

    With wings of hope as I climb,
    to see the skies azure....

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. wow.
    there is something so different about how you write. :)

  3. megharana, you've written a most beautiful
    inspiring prayer.