Sunday, August 1, 2010

happy friendship day!

happy friendship day to all my blogger friends.God bless u all.
 thanks for all your support and comments and a special thanks to BLASPHEMOUS AESTHETE for being such a regular follower. Thanks JACK for reading all my posts and all ur wishes at the end of every comment.You all give me a reason to keep on writing even if i write all the useless and not too good kind of stuff. It definitely gives me inspiration to see that at least somebody is reading these things.


  1. Happppyyyyy frndship day!!!!! dont worry am reading these :)

  2. thanks HaRy!! :)and happy friendship day again :)

  3. Megha,

    Hope you had a good time with your friends today. Continue writing what come to your heart without any botheration what readers may think. This is your space after all and you should do what you want to. Hope to read you more and more.

    Take care

    PS : No time for visits?

  4. thanks jack. and yes ofcourse this is my personal space dats y i hardly give any second thought to whatever i write here :).
    n yes i do visit blogs its just dat i don't comment most often

  5. :)

    Thank You Megha, it has been a wonderful journey having you along.
    Thank You from the heart.

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