Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i give my eyes unto u..

I was selfish,
I wanted u to stay..
I wished u to be my eyes,
But all I got is dismay..
Was it a sacrifice?
To donate u my eyes..
I didn’t tell u d iota of reality
Den how could I xpect d least of morality..
It was never u to blame,
U did all u could to fit a true friends frame..
U never knew my feelings for u,
Den how could I expect anything from u..
My eyes are now forever close,
But Vision more clear
Dat u r d one for sure..
I feel the intangible touch,
And fear ur leaving me in lurch..
My love is now blind,
But will always shine..
My love was always pure,
But about u I was never sure..
I wish I had told u,
But now its too late..
You knocked me down to a serendipitous rush of love,
Only to make me realize the reality of alienation and hush.
The winds changed their path,
N along u went past..
Yes she’s beautiful…………….
N for me I feel merciful…
But am happy,
Now u can see the colors..
N I wish ur life’s path
May it be strewn with flowers.
I wish both of u a happy life……
N yet I wish I could see in your eye
N tell u dat I love thy……   but my wish has ended up with a dark fortune jst like my eyes…
And yet I feel I don’t regret giving my loved one my eyes……………….


  1. A third place where I am going to shell out same thoughts,

    I see that :
    "Love is in the air,
    touch it,feel it,
    let it blossom
    let it take root and grow,
    Inside and outside.
    Close your eyes,
    and let the feelings flow."

    Beautiful, I see you mature a lot when you pick on foreign topics.

    P.S. Avoid using informal word substitutions.

  2. well vision is the most beautiful thing on earth and to give them the vision of yurs.... nothing else can beat it!! lovely..!

  3. @anonymous someone : thank you n i will take care of not using the informal words

  4. @ hary : :) yeah right n if in real life such a thing can happen then it will be no less than a fantasy...

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  6. love and friendship means "ready to sacrifice everything without any greed" and very few people actually feet it ... in today's era love and friendship means using others for our own satisfaction... so its better to live alone than living with such kind of people...:-)

  7. This is such a wonderful kind of post