Saturday, February 20, 2010

H@Ve FAITH!!!!!!

It was fifth semester. Final exams were commencing , when i lost my machines notebook.It didn't matter much because notebooks can always be photostatted.However i was feeling a bit upset because for the first time in my college life i had made proper notes. i I searched every here and there,but it was gone.Still it was anyways alright.But a bigger shock came my way after two three days when i found my personal diary missing.Noooooooooo! i was freaked out.One definitely cant afford to lose ones personal diary.i was getting phrenetic with the thought that somebody might have read it.Gosh!where could it be.Albeit,i had not written any crap and stuff in it,yet how could i entertain my personal space becoming there was no other option than to forget it and believe that i would anyhow find it.Then this semester ,hardly it had been seven to eight days and i lost my controls notebook.I had to rewrite everything.Suddenly i became so skeptical that i started locking my room ,this was an act seriously different than me because i was really casual about these things and never locked my room or my almirah .Just eight to nine days followed and i lost my another important notes.This time i was really astonished.I absolutely remembered that i had placed them in the table drawer while sleeping,and in the morning i found them missing!I was really perturbed by this series of happenings.and next what happened? i was sitting on my table and found my rough notebook missing .now who the hell could be interested in it!hahaha!!!!noone...
I just happened to pull the drawer out of the table and found that my drawer had a certain empty place in it beneath it and the stuff used to fall in it somehow.
good god!i got my personal diary back..i m over exalted to get it :-)
one can interpret the incident in any way .one may think of me as totally khajal as in our engineering language we call it.but i have a different interpretation of it.
each incident in our life however small teaches us something worth as this one has made me believe that sometimes u have to wait but finally u will get whatever you are after.because if you want something from the core of your heart the whole universe conspires to make it can drive you to even the impossible is a greater thing than the greatest.SO HAVE FAITH AND MOVE ON....


  1. "if you want something from the core of your heart the whole universe conspires to make it yours"

    The last time I tried to maintain a personal diary, I got fed up of writing in notebooks.
    Till today, I don't use notebooks, even for subjects. And regarding my personal diary, its now an open book.

    You have quite a resilience to maintain a Personal Diary.

  2. sometimes we lost our things because of our own mistakes but we think that someone else (may be roommate) is responsible for that.....for exa- you could think that your roommate didn't lock the room, may be in that time someone took your diary......

    so, this also teaches that we must not doubt anyone except ourelves untill or unless we are damn sure.

  3. Now if u lost nythin, plz check ur drawer........

  4. ajeet by this time i have blind faith on my roommates and its only me who usually dont have keys dats y i dont let them lock d room :-)

  5. that was just an example, don't be emotional:-)

  6. khajal !! what does dis mean? I had never come across any such term during my college days..

  7. haha :) dat means a little confused !!

  8. means only little confused !! seems u have done engineering is a very decent college. ;);)