Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fear is a DISease

FEAR , a perplexing term it is.Imagine a world without FEAR!how it will be like?
Fear can take to you to highs and can help you realize your aspirations. but contrary to that it can lead to dire consequences as well or may be towards suffering and agony.
Most of us inherit some fears and carry them along with us through our entire life.The fear of dark,the fear of failure,the fear of falling,the fear of losing.From the very beginning some fears are inculcated in us and we choose to live with those fears.Hardly any individual dares to follow a path of his own different from the conventional approved one.
So much depends on anticipation.I say why entertain fear in our life.Even if i achieve my set objectives with fear serving as the bedrock to these objectives,whats the use.These objectives were also influenced by the fears that always persisted in my mind,the fear of not being able to be a part of norms of society,fear of not being able to catch up the pace of the fast and competition ridden world ,the fear of not being able to get recognition and being laid back.So ultimately whats the use.I will still be unsatisfied from somewhere within and something in me will still tell me to break the chains and go without any fear ,any bondage. Fear is a boundary dictating our life.why do we need to be the parasites of visions of some dogmatists.why not just go beyond every boundary,be audacious and dare to walk on the road where destiny is not predefined,forget the fears and take the road which has been less traveled by.Make your own vision as you go. After all every established belief in this world is nothing but a dogma.So how can we define certain acts as breach to moral grounds.These moral grounds are also nothing but dogmatism. Audacity,courage,fear,scruples,qualms why not go beyond these things and discover the undefined paths inspite of taking the already discovered ones.
For me the path without fear will definitely be more adventurous and less seething than the one with fears everywhere in the air.Because i concede to the statement that fear is no less than a DISease which hampers you from going on higher levels of growth.


  1. Agreed, and such a life would be a battle against life itself. Adventure as you might call it, but think over this ,"Courage is an outcome of fears".

    For me,
    I love my fears, even more dearly when I overcome them, for the fear of losing them.

  2. some fears originate with in us while some are imposed by society........if you become fearless for the former, it will act as a boost to ur self-confidence..........

    but if you finishes later one, society may daunt, have a fear of loosing all the fears

  3. well dere was dis cheesy game show abt adventurous sports.. but i like its tag line a lot - darr ke aage jeet hai