Saturday, June 20, 2015

*The Cold Eyes - Part II*

When we love someone we accept the person completely. We accept him as one whole package; with his qualities and his flaws an integral part of the package with no room for a forced change.

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The day ended.  Ananya was lying still on her cozy bed and recollecting the details of the day. Suddenly, she started feeling unusually cold. Something inside her was changing. Her feelings were taking a turn. She knew very well that falling for the same guy again was like wishing to eat a forbidden fruit. She was turning on one side and then another to distract herself and dispel her thoughts which were attracting her to Akash. She had driven him out of her system yet a faint picture was alive in a certain corner of her heart. This picture was now re-evolving in full colors.

Two years back—

Ananya and Akash were walking hands in hands on the crowded streets of the mini-market place. Ananya loved shopping, and more than shopping she loved bargaining. Akash was reticent and he preferred to pay the full amount rather than to waste his energy on bargaining. Ananya’s face had an expression of sort of achievement when she successfully got the stuff at the bargained price. She was very talkative. Her overly animate face had expressions for everything; whether it be compassion for the beggars on the roadsides, joy on seeing a child smile or the comfort of seeing a temple around; her expressions were apt to the occasions. Akash, however was completely opposite. His expressions were always solemn and grim. Nothing could fine tune the lines of his grimace to change expressions. His smile was a calculative one. A whole hearted laugh was something he had probably never even tried. Some people considered him odd or kind of socially awkward.

Inspite of all his odds, Ananya never doubted her feelings for him. She unlike all the people did not see his exterior; she knew his heart. She saw him from the remotest corners of his heart, where she knew there was nothing except goodwill for all. She trusted him for his genuine nature. She did not judge him for his cold mannerism or unrefined etiquettes with girls. She believed that etiquettes and pleasantries were just some decorating details on a pure and genuine heart; just like the garnishing on already well cooked food. She had decided that she could live without those decorating details. ….

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