Thursday, June 4, 2015

*The Cold eyes -- Part I*

Every single person who touches our life even for a smallest while, leaves an imprint on our minds. Every encounter teaches us something, sometimes we may be so preoccupied to observe or understand, but nonetheless we are affected in some or the other way.

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Hot steaming coffee garnished with fresh coffee beans on the top was the specialty of café brazilia. Ananya was enjoying the aroma of coffee in the ambience of finely decorated interiors.
There is no other pleasure greater than chitchatting with your girlfriends. Sharing the details of the day and all that passed when they were away, the stories of silly stupid crushes, flings and serious relationships, there is nothing under the sun that you can’t share with your girlfriends. And at the end of all the serious and not-so-serious gossip, you always manage to have a good and hearty laugh.

The girls were laughing and having a good time together. A guy entered the café and sat on the table opposite to them. He was sitting alone, probably waiting for someone or maybe he was just hanging out by himself. He looked fairly handsome. Ananya’s eyes went up the table and met his. Their eyes met for a short while and got locked into each other. It was Déjà vu. It had happened to Ananya before when she had lost herself in the cold depth of those eyes. Something was different though. Those eyes had become still colder than they used to be.

Time had changed. Ananya had left the past behind. She had moved ahead, far ahead. The look in his eyes had a hint of the past, though cold, his eyes had a look of expectation, expectation of acknowledgement or something more than that may be. No, Ananya would not repeat the mistake of treading into the cold desert of his eyes again. She had lost herself in that desert before and the escape had been miraculous. She knew the emotional conundrum she had experienced. She had loved him from all her heart, but she could never feel that she was loved back. She had tried doing everything she could to reach beyond the coldness of those eyes and see a trace of affection for herself. She had failed miserably. Her love did not seem enough. She could not warm up the cold desert which existed in his heart visible through his eyes. His world was different, where emotions needed not to be expressed. She could not look into those eyes anymore, depths of which were cold yet intriguing. She looked aside and then turned her eyes back to her table. She started sipping coffee to distract herself …..

Ananya had learnt valuable lessons from her experience. You may love someone to the extent of worshiping them, but every worship finds its origin in your heart. That origin needs to be loved and respected first. You may never get another you, once you loose this you. So you need to be for yourself before being for anyone else. 

Ananya knew it very well that she could not land at the same place again and yet she felt a passing desire to keep looking into his eyes. Though she pulled her eyes off him, she wondered what it might lead to if she continued......

To be Continued…………………..

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