Saturday, April 25, 2015

* smiles only! *

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When you just feel appalled, shocked and very-very disappointed at the events that just shaped out of nowhere; when you feel you don’t know how to react anymore; when your tears have dried up; it’s the time to remind yourself that you should not be concerned about whatever is happening. When you can’t change the things; when you have no control over the events, just shrug off all the unnecessary burdens off your soul.

When you look around and feel that the world is ugly, just sit down, shut your brain and tell it that you have all the control over it. Tell your brain that you are the incharge, tell it that you refuse to see the Ugly, tell it that you choose to see only that which is pure and blissful; tell it that the people are not your business, tell it that you choose your own happiness and your own peace over a thousand other things that anyways are not in your control; tell it that your happiness is not only in your control, but it is your responsibility too.

Take a deep breath. Decide for yourself. Tell your brain that the people can’t hurt you anymore, that you choose to smile and laugh, may come whatever; that you don’t give a damn about the negative things around you, that nothing can budge you from the path of smiles, that you won’t give up your smile even on seeing the ugliest reality of this world. Whatever is ugly would stay, you can’t probably change that. But you won’t contribute to that ugliness by worrying and fretting over it. Tell your brain that you will only contribute smiles even in the ugliest circumstances.

Smile and laughter are the best medicine to everything. So keep smiling and spreading smiles.

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