Thursday, April 30, 2015

*Save Nature, Save Earth!*

The World is facing its biggest challenge of pollution today. I won’t go into the technicalities of pollution and pollutants. Anyways, do we all not know already? The trouble is that we do not probably care enough. We only care about our own comforts and convenience.

Global warming is raising the temperatures; so to get a respite from the heat, we want more and more AC’s and these AC’s would then release more CFC’s and would further aggravate the Global warming.

The Buses and Public transport are not convenient; so more cars are required, everyone wants to own one and tada!! More carbon emission, more Pollution!!

We want to celebrate our festivals with the loud bursting sounds and lights of crackers and daang!! More pollution again!!

These luxuries and comforts do not burn a hole in our pocket alone, but they are burning a hole in our beloved nature too.

We as common people may not do some biggest of the big things to protect our environment and keep it clean and green; but we sure can do the smallest of the small things. After all its from the droplets a sea is composed of. Here are a few of the most basic things we all can and should contribute towards:-

# Always throw the trash in the bins. If you do not see one around, please hold your horses and wait till finding one.

# Save energy. Switch off lights and fans when you move out of room. Don’t keep your chargers on after your battery is full.

# Save water. Don’t keep the taps running while you are not using it. Use rain water harvesting systems. 
And here I would particularly like to mention about my recent visit to Indian Institute of Advanced Studies. The beautiful architecture, the serene and tranquil surroundings, the aura of the place, everything about it is just beautiful. But what needs a mention here is the water harvesting system that the thousands of years old building has. The rain water is captured into the pipes, which then goes from inside the building to the underground water tanks, which is then used for gardening and related purposes. I was amused to know that even thousands of years back people cared about harvesting. But today when the water shortage problem is being faced by our society, I wonder do we really care to use water judicially let alone harvesting. Let’s all try doing our bit by saving whatever small amount we can by putting it to judicial use.

# Avoid using cars and vehicles for the small distances which could be very well managed by walking. It would keep us healthier too.

# Let’s all try to celebrate festivals in a greener way. Let’s say no to crackers and contribute in saving our environment.

# Let’s all try to plant a tree atleast once a year, if not more. Let’s not cut the plants and trees unnecessarily. Let’s not pluck the flowers for own recreation.

# Let’s be more sensitive towards our rivers and oceans and stop treating them as garbage dumps. Let’s not just talk about the Ganga as our religious river, let’s rather treat it with that reverence too.

# Let’s all try to recycle and re-use the waste products whenever possible by means of art and craft, or by donating the used products for their re-use by the less privileged rather than throwing them away.

 I don’t say do something big to support the cause of green earth, rather I say do something small that is in your capacity. But be sure to do it; so that our future generations are not deprived of seeing the beauty of mother earth that we grew up seeing.

Green Yatra is an NGO working for the Green cause. You can know more about it at

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