Monday, November 3, 2014

Indispire# For God wants his man to..

For God wants his man to bathe in a river
Which is not the Ganga or Saraswati,
But where flows a heartful of compassion;

For God wants his man to feed him
Not with his costly offerings,
But by putting a spoonful into the mouth of a starving man;

For God wants his man to respect him
Not by fighting over his supremacy or power,
But by respecting his living image of parents;

For God wants his man to love him
Not with his desperate attempts to please him,
But with a will which is selfless and pure;

For God wants his man to follow him
Not by encouraging division, ill will and politics in the name of sects,
But by adopting his ideals of righteousness and morality;

For God wants his man to flatter him
Not by following the rudimentary and superstitious,
But by the power of reasoning and intellect;

For God wants his man to remember him
Not in the name of scuffles related to religion,
But in one and the sole religion of humanity;

For God wants his man to make temples
Not of concrete and stone on the hills and planes,
But of the tenderness, hope and faith in his own soul;

For God wants his man not to fear him ,
But to feel him and love him.

Light and Dark both are hidden inside us. A True worship will brighten the light and fade the darkness.


  1. Its interesting

  2. Very nicely written and wonderful words by a beautiful lady.

  3. Wonderfully expressed. Totally agree with you.
    Worship is from the mind & heart & with the right intentions.