Friday, January 6, 2012

WISHES n blah blah ...................

Hello my precious blogger friends!!
and a very very happy new year to all of you :)
may the year ahead be a blissful one for you and bring a lot of nice surprises for you!!

Do you believe in signs?
ummm.... yeah may be may be not!! actually i wonder whether i should or not!! Should I? what do u say?
I think yes! Its all connected. Every happening will lead to another. Every thing will unfold at their own time but if u believe you can sense the signs.Even the smallest event of your life is directed in a way that if u take the right learning from it, it will lead you to another step up towards the destiny.But the hardest thing is to believe.
Do you really think so? I think believing is the simplest thing to do. Isn't it just similar to ignorance where you shut your eyes and accept anything anyways. And because its the simplest thing to do perhaps that's why it becomes the most difficult to do!! 
To believe is to learn, to grow, to rise.
To believe is to surrender your mind to whim. Its like seeking some guidance from outside always.
To believe is to trust yourself the most and cut the connections with the outsiders dictating right and wrong.
To believe is to shut your eyes 
To believe is to shut your eyes to see.


  1. Megharana,

    YAAD AA GAYAA NEW YEAR WISH KARNAA. I am sure you were out of town. Thanks for wishes. One should have confidence in self to achieve what one aims for but it is a fact that there are signs which do predict what is going to happen.

    Take care

  2. Happy New Year Megha,

    and yes, signs are there for anyone who seeks them and is fit enough to wield those eyes to see the signs in plain sight.

    Blasphemous Aesthete