Friday, January 20, 2012

of An odd pursuit

I do not know where do i start, I want my opening line to be....
" It is really an impossible task to understand self fully"....
And yes of-course this is what i want my opening line to be and not what it should be.
But the very next moment i am compelled to think again and reflect on the reality of the above said and this time i want to make a different statement.
"It is a really hard or may be an impossible task to know the self completely if you are not equipped with the instrument of truth, if you refuse to face and confront even a single minutest detail about yourself ,be it an obscene one or a good one."
But again i am not sure of this statement either.
Then again i flounder a bit and want to change my statement ..
"Sometimes we may be confronting and upfront about all that exists within us. But there is a chance of not having full knowledge. There is a chance of misplaced foundations which served as a ground to our whole idea of self. If the underlying assumptions which were considered as absolutes are not actually absolutes, of which there is a fair chance, then the model of self derived from the erroneous assumptions will definitely fall flat.Such knowledge therefore will not reveal to us the nature of self completely because the erroneous assumptions cant facilitate it against all twists and all odds."
So I am forced to think again and this thought just presses itself upon me "How can we build castles in the air? How can we know self absolutely and completely without knowing The Absolutes? Without knowing the standards on which we have to rate ourselves, how can we rate ourselves?
All in all i end up with one fact that i want an absolute answer for what absolutes are....


  1. Megha,

    Many a persons have been trying to understand self and it take a lot of years to finally come to some conclusion. Self introspection is a hard thing as we do get disappointed with what we learn. Relax, just follow your conscience and you will never go wrong.

    Take care

  2. Absolute is absolved. You set it, and then you rate accordingly until a new absolute is set.
    if you refuse to face and confront even a single minutest detail about yourself ,be it an obscene one or a good one.

    Really ;P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. That which is absolved how can that be an absolute??
    an absolute can not be relative nor can be absolved.

  4. Celebrate the good and the uniqueness of you, and be
    open to learning about yourself through others.