Friday, July 15, 2011


In the star lit night
 I gaze up at the site;

Closing the translucent doors
of my eyes,
 Hallucinations start flowing
that are not so wise;

I see an utopian land
made of transparent white,
Up somewhere
overflowing with colorful light;

Enigmatic beams intersecting
bending towards height,
Reflections playing to form
 sea full of colors and bright ;

Walking down on me
to offer me a flight;

I hold a light
To climb up for a ride,
 Longingly watching
 The waves of various colors slide;

Blending playfully
with a fall and rise,
Shining and smiling
As  light falls on the floating dice;

I watch my shadow dance
To the tune of every glance,
Changing shapes
And adapting to balance;

 separating walls of silence surround
 yet a music plays sounding so profound;

this is a world that exists
only as long as the night persists………………



  1. separating walls of silence surround
    yet a music plays sounding so profound;

    such btful lines !!!

  2. Writing at a wicked hour, when the imageries from nowhere induce perceptions deep enough to stir something inside. I'd say go sleep, hallucinating is enchanting but not favoured my medical people. :P

    Nice post Megha.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. I just loved those lines... they made me smile. I wonder if halucinations could be so playful, colorful and enigmatic as to what you imagine. Awesome!