Monday, July 18, 2011


P.S : You can tell me if you can comprehend something out of the picture..

Thought for the day : A smile is a contagious keep smiling and hence keep spreading smiles.
:) :) ;) :) :) :D


  1. Megharana,

    Read all pending post and realised how much I had missed for being late. Meaningful poems and enjoyed Faltu one. This one to me seems that two persons of different hues in the world of their own. What you say about smile is so true. It is worth following.

    Take care

    PS : Miss your views in my space.

  2. no comments abt the picture.. and smile - sometimes it can be deceptive also.. i recently gave an interview for a job change.. the interviewer was smiling at my answers thru out the interview.. i thot she is happy with my answers.. later HR said I did extremely bad so i am out of the league.. :P:P so deceptive the smile was.. :P:P

  3. I kinda get funny thought looking at this one, Megha. Seems like a voodoo act that the lady might perform, with those waves being radiated from below her hand.. hah! A small question did you paint this one? Anyway loved the smile quote. :)

  4. Thanks everyone for commenting!!
    @jack: m really sorry dat i have not been visiting your space and commenting ..actually now a dayz i'hv been reading very few blogs n thanku soooo much for ur time n words. they are always encouraging n from the heart..THANKU..
    @palak: yeah i painted dis one :) hihihihihi ;)

  5. I was going to write my impression of the "hands" --Reading in comments that you are the artist, changed my perception. You are GooD!

    Oh well, my first thought: these are the hands of a Contralto at the opera, reaching for a higher note in Wagner opera Tristan und Isolde

    You may ot understand this, but I write anyway. Simply I dropped in to say "hello" Came over from Yasmine Kahlil's blog (Tess).

  6. PS. I like your daily quotes/sayings!

  7. @ Steve : thanx for dropping in :)
    n thanx for the lovely comments ....
    n yeah tess is one of my favourite bloggers
    take care :)