Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jst like dat !!

twinkling as stars
the thoughts,
burning as sun
the desires,
cold as moon
the aura,
soothing as breeze
the soft murmurs,
intermittent as fireflies
the clarity,
lightened like night
the darkness of ignorance,
peaceful as the distant sky
the state of being,
enigmatic as the cosmos
the feeling of bliss…

P.S : after i have written these lines  I am not able to make out the clear meaning of it. So watever u make out of it plz tel me. i would like to know your opinions.......


  1. Lets just say its CosmosEnigmaticMirage, just like your blog. :) Nice.

  2. it describes a state of mind and heart! a confused, mixed up state that i am often in. :)
    love ur choice of jumbled up words!

  3. so you associated yourself with nature...nice nice...loved the similarity you brought up :)

  4. Megha,

    Each comparison is so apt as it shows how each aspect should be. Well composed.

    Take care

  5. Let the stars twinkle, then die to form black holes.