Monday, March 14, 2011

:) jst like dat!!

stretch the arms,
breathe like u have never before,
the freshness,
the purity, 
the ecstasy,
the serenity,
let it dissolve,
into every aspect of your being,
the staleness, 
the boundaries,
the fears,
the melancholy,
caress ur wings,
for precious they are,
flap them,
fly , fly higher,
feel the magic,
of each moment,
of the existence,
of the unseen,
for the sake of loving,
nothing just
the elation,
the bliss,
live it,
love it,
get mesmerized,
by the beauty,
pleasantly enigmatic
it is!!!


  1. Might be, could be, but evangelic, it is.

  2. Beautiful; the desire and the expression! :)

    Just wrote something like this too, but I like yours better.

  3. love
    for the sake of loving..
    You are really lucky if you have love, love for life :)

  4. O boy! Megha that was so much like being divine. Pretty and angle like, as if blowing bubbles and staring at them like never before.
    Keep writing!! :)

  5. Megha,

    That is how exactly life of each one should be.

    Take care

    PS : Left comment on previous one too.

  6. @B.A hmmm may be evangelic but haven't u ever felt it for real even though jst like an ephemeral thing xisting a moment and gone the next moment leaving u longing for more of it!!
    @saurav thanx!
    @GvSparx yeah!! but we all are lucky only if we see and appreciate the love around rather dan just fantasizing about gf bf wala pyar!! :P ;)
    @palak thanx! heard after a long time from u! take care dear!

  7. @jack thanku! yeah only if could be!! daily mundane does not allow us to stay in state of bliss forever!

  8. Beautiful...

    Its flawless...juzz perfect...

  9. great post! exhilarating! i like Palak's comment too..

  10. @nikita awww!! dat was lovely of u visit my blog n leave cmments but seriously m not any divine sort yar not even close to one!! i wish i could be however :);) even i would like to know u more!!
    n yes the beautiful souls see the beauty only, you are beautiful (n actually cutieee ;)) dats y you gave dat compliment to me!! (hihihi)

    @mehak thanx n yes i too loved palak's comment!!

  11. Beauty can be an intoxicant, a medicine and poison all at the same time!