Saturday, July 3, 2010

u know!

m feeling like posting all crap m starting with it.Ummm just now i was having a look on ma own blogger profile and i remembered yes you would call it insane but yes i did it. After watching the movie syrindipity (i like d movie very much ) i actually took a currency note wrote smthing on it and paid it smwhere to see whether it ever comes back to me!(yes pretty insane and crazy... )..AND u know i have'nt read newspaper for five days! Even though am not very regular at reading a newspaper but it feels good when i become regular on that and feels bad when routine is disturbed ...AND u know the first thing i read in a newspaper is the horoscope and really sometimes i feel like jumping to the future and just see everything dats in store for me (yes sounds like m obsessed with such silly stuff :P) AND u know very recently i just fell down in the market one of ma legs into the drain and i was sitting on the road thinking dat how come i fall (people staring :P) AND u know i enjoy doing nothing (kind of lazy i am :P) AND u know i don't get bored with maself even when i keep on boring the people around..AND actually u know i wish i were a little taller..N i know m writing all the insignificant things N actually am feeling kind of stupid to post all this crap (but i still go for it :P) and i think u know would be the title for the post ...And i think now i would  better sleep than to add on some more crap...


  1. hope u get the note back just like sara oops..the amazing kate Beckinsale...... nic posts anyway...


  2. u know, sometimes venting out whatever that's on your mind is good. You did! :)

  3. well u r not insane.. or u r not the only one who is insane.. dere r others also.. the currency note stuff.. i have done it for 1 full year thinking it will come back 2 me one day.. yeah 1 full yr..

  4. oh!nice to find someone doing the same stuff!!
    hope we'll find it back one day :)