Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A word with myself!

Image Source: Conde Last Traveller

Yesterday I just happened to observe a couple waiting in the queue right in front of me to buy the tickets. And all of a sudden, for no particular reason, I just got this thought.

“What exactly is marriage? To be with someone who wakes up by your side every day, who thinks he (or for that matter she too.. ) owns you to be able to enter you, but the moment that pact of right to each other’s body is violated,  will that relationship still survive and thrive?”

“Is not marriage just like one of the over-rated rituals?  Isn’t the need of marriage over hyped?”

That is to say,

I wonder if it is the marriage that is my need; or is it the confirmation and belonging to the widely accepted norms that is my need?

Is it the fear to stand out in the crowd for being different, fear of being looked down upon as some sort of pitiable object, and most of all fear of a life not validated by society at large?

Ofcourse, it is human nature to seek validation. The increasing no. of facebook posts, the plethora of tweets, the opinionated blogs; what is that one common thing that is at the bottom of it all? Isn’t it validation? There is hunger for validation. So, may be, one of us out here, doesn’t really has the need of a better-half to feel whole; maybe, one of us out here, does feel content and at peace just by being with ourselves; maybe, one of us out here, does not want to take up the responsibility of another life; maybe, one of us out here is capable of taking good care of one self; maybe, for one of us out here, the universal need of marriage is not universal afterall. But maybe, it’s just the fear of not getting validation that is holding that one of us person back, from sticking to his/her calling of life.

The only answer is perhaps that to live a life on one’s own terms and conditions, it requires a little more than courage. It requires fortitude, perseverance, and confidence on one’s own judgment. It requires the attitude of respecting others’ opinion and at the same time not getting affected too deeply by it.   


  1. Very logically written, totally agree with some of your points.

  2. Do you have a grouse against

    a) the fact that there is constant pressure to get married? or
    b) do you disagree with the concept of marriage?

    I wouldn't be so cynical about the concept of marriage. It is only human to fall in and out of love with people who you find attractive. Man, by nature, is polygamous. In a marriage, however, man learns to give more importance to a 'commitment' rather than his instincts. This is one of the things that distinguishes us from other species. Without marriage, our progeny (the newer generations) would never be able to enjoy the benefits of the social system called family, and they would find it hard to be nurtured with values. Without a social system in place, humanity and society would be in shambles.

    Having said that, I agree that everyone has their own opinion, and they should have the freedom to make their own choices with respect to their lives and lifestyles.

    I like your writing style.


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