Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Author I love!

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Of all the authors I have ever read or I am ever going to read, this one man can’t ever be replaced by any. I am talking about Paulo Coelho here. More than the stories he narrates, it’s the way he sees the things that makes me love him. Whatever turn a story takes, whatever direction a character is led towards and whatever convolution the emotions got tangled in; the man never lets you end up without hope, faith and love.

These three words HOPE, FAITH and LOVE are a representation of the man PAULO COELHO. You may be anyone situated in any part across the world mired in any kind of struggle, mundane or an intricate one; when you read his books, you feel hopeful. There is a magic in his words which makes you believe that despite of your flaws and your shortcomings; you have a place in this world, you belong despite your eccentricities because you are human, you are capable of doing wonderful things and in fact everything you do is wonderful in a way because you are the very YOU no one else can be. You may fall but you will rise again; this is what I have learnt from his writings. You may fall out of love for a while, you may feel lost; but the faith in your heart will never let you get lost forever. You lose yourself to find yourself again. You may feel like giving up sometimes, you may feel weak and wasted, but the faith and love in your heart will take you further to the places where you will discover the beauty of your inner-self.

HOPE, FAITH and LOVE- the three things make PAULO Caelho my favorite author for now and for forever.

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  1. I didn't like Alchemist. But I read it many years back. Maybe I should try some other book by the same author. My favorite author is michael crichton.

    1. There have always been mixed opinions about him..while some do not like him..I absolutely adore him :)

  2. He has shaped my Life in so many ways <3