Saturday, July 11, 2015

* A Word with Myself *

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When you point a finger at someone, the rest of the four fingers are pointing towards you. We may complain about a thousand things, about the system, about the people, about the situations, but we forget that plain talking is no solution. While we crib about a thousand things going wrong around us, we don’t gain anything, but we surely lose our precious time and energy which we could rather use for doing something constructive.

“Be the change” is one statement that says it all.

Of course, nobody is perfect and same goes for the system too. No system is perfect. Merely talking about the problems serves no purpose and moreover it creates a lot of negative energy. So, it’s better to stay positive and keep doing your bit, rather than wasting time in fault finding. Whatever and how much ever your situation allows you, contribute to your own development and that of the system around you. Nobody is perfect and while we are striving for perfection, we should remember that before pointing finger at someone or something, we should look within ourselves. Work for your own betterment; strive for your own perfection. Focus your energy on yourself and always stay positive.  

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There are times when you don’t understand people, when you don’t agree with what they have to say, when you don’t like their perspectives. At such times, don’t give way to arrogance or rigidity. If you can’t understand them, just let it go. Don’t start judging them or yourself.

“Yours may be a way, but it may not be the only way.”

So don’t jump to conclusions. Always leave room for newer perspectives. Be flexible and if you don’t understand their ways, just listen it like that without giving it too much of your energy. Stop trying to control/ regulate people’s thoughts when there is no visible room for it. It will only leave you exhausted.

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Don’t be afraid to leave behind negative people. Sometimes those people could also include your friends. They may not be in genuine or bad as persons. But that’s not a reason enough to hold on to them, when all they can do is instill negativity inside you. Intentionally or unintentionally, if someone starts going too deep into your head and poisoning it with all the kind of negative thoughts, apprehensions, doubts, it’s better to move on leaving such people behind.

“If a part of the body gets poisoned, we may need to cut it.”

Same holds true for people too. They may be close to you and you may feel responsible towards them, but your responsibility towards yourself is more important.

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There are people who will respect you and then there are those who will not. You can’t demand respect from people. Don’t let your ego be effected with such things. Leave their choices to them and you choose only for yourself. Don’t judge them and don’t have any hard feelings for them. Self esteem is important; but a very high self esteem could lead to more negative emotions inside you. So, just go with the flow and try maintaining a humble and modest way of life.

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Make yourself your best buddy. Enjoy your company. When you feel disoriented or heavy, just spend time with yourself. Keep yourself calm and composed rather than being loud and uncontrolled. When you feel troubled, be silent and sort yourself out before venting out anger on random people at random places. Anger does no good to you. Love your own self and your company. Be yourself and don’t be afraid of being seen as a weirdo. Let your thoughts experiment with the new ideas. Let yourself do the silly and crazy things.

Remember, “Don’t feel lonely, even when you are alone, because you have a whole universe to your company.”

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  1. Being content in your own company is a lesson a lot of us have to learn.