Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jst a thought!!

Does silence always imply arrogance!


  1. sometimes the face speaks a lot

  2. @ beyond : does the face always speaks rightly!!

  3. no their are masks as well but you need to identify them

  4. a dumb person or a person who cannot speak is silent it does not mean he is arrogant....

  5. Silence is the most beautiful expression in the world because it cant be sum up in words, it can have any number of interpretations.
    It is said that, silence in the most ecstatic form implies you are peace with yourself. A person who speaks a lot, often is the most restless person.
    An arrogant person if remains silent wears an unnatural / artificial expression on face. But silence for other reasons will have different expressions.
    Ah... I can talk endlessly on such topics :)
    See ya!
    God bless !! :)

  6. @angel : thankx darling! loved dis comment of urs!! a fraction of it m making my fb status :) :)