Tuesday, August 2, 2011

blah blah blah!!

Am lot confused today …..sometimes I just can’t figure out…how can you figure out what somebody wants……!!! I really don’t understand this world sometimes n to understand myself that was always an impossible thing! 

Ah forget it !! I think sometimes people need to understand on their own…

Let me talk about some dreamy kind of trash now ;)

Castles in the clouds
Rivers in the sky;
Rainbows in the gardens
Imaginations can always fly;
Love in the smile
Can win every turmoil…


  1. :) BTW, Blah is one of my favourite words. I say that when I wanna say to strangers n acquaintances "You are speaking crap!" I just say, "Blah!"
    Sometimes it is for "Ye right, as if!!" :)

  2. Megharana,

    Read 2 posts now. Previous one looks like spilling of some waste into flowing water polluting it. One can never understand what is in mind of other. But one should be able to understand own needs well. Loved the closing lines.

    Take care