Friday, March 19, 2010

De@d emotions OR No emotions!!!!?

There she is heading towards a dark n hazy world, entirely insensate and frigid, flabbergasted over the thought is it that LOVE IS NOT MADE FOR HER or SHE IS NOT MADE FOR LOVE. She is afraid of love or she does not know love! She is tranquility yet her silence is so loud for anyone to hear. Her emotions are intangible. Like air she cannot be felt by trying to hold her, let her flow , set her free, let her rush through you and touch you in her own way.Dont try to possess her ,you tighten your grip and she will spill away from your hand like the droplets of water. Don’t dare to come near her if you are not temerarious enough to experience her frozen world with flames rising high all around, or you will be lost in a turmoil. Stay away is the word she is reflecting in her loud silence. Or you will be trapped carried away by the swash of the waves of her cold world and she would not be able to help you from getting ablaze in those rising flames.


  1. When the worlds collide,
    in the moments of strife,
    a figure walks through the ruins ablaze,

    'Don't come any closer,or you'll burn'
    in moments minute, he knew her yearn,
    and he took her in the warmest embrace,

    'Stop, it can't be!',distraught,said she,
    a shimmer in his eye and the faintest sigh
    the sublimity put to rest, the troubled sea

    A whispering voice,
    like a chanting rustle,
    ended the seethe and set her free.

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