Sunday, July 12, 2015

*Another Cinderella Story- A Perspective*

What if Cinderella was ugly, yet virtuous kind and courageous? And her Step Sisters were pretty and yet ruthless and mean? Whom would the prince choose?

High heels, sexy dress, fluent in language, eyes and lips coated with layers of makeup- that’s how the contemporary princes would expect their Cinderella to look like. Eh! Don’t agree? Well I guess, in that case, you need to think again. In the times we live in, we are never content with a little; we always want something more, something extra. Even those who belong to the “don’t agree” category can’t deny that they might not be obsessed with the looks, but they are not even indifferent. The rate with which the beauty products business is thriving speaks for itself. Every other day there are new products in the market. Nobody wants to look ugly or bad. In fact, sometimes it becomes an additional pressure on girls to look good. To talk of the ones who are into the glamour business is one thing. Imagine yourself going into some kind of family function or some party without wearing much make-up and fancy clothes. People will ogle at you for being such a simpleton. Even your own relatives will start giving you some unsolicited and free fashion advice. And if they don’t dare to talk in front of you, they will make you a topic of gossip behind your back.

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So, if a Cinderella of modern times, who is ugly, lands up on the public platform, will her prince even notice her? When her prince is surrounded with all the gorgeously dressed girls with well made hair and ultra modern make-up on, how will Cinderella be able to get his attention? How would her prince miss her pretty sisters and spot her in the crowd?

Tricky question…

Beauty is not of the face but of the heart. It comes from within, not without. But at the same time, the face is something that opens the door to the heart.  So, in a crowd of thousands of girls where the prince has limited time to interact with all of them, how would he be able to spot a heart which is genuine and beautiful, when the door to that heart isn’t as beautiful.  

Take 1:
The prince spots Cinderella’s sisters who are pretty but ruthless and mean. Infatuation finds its way first, when the face comes into picture. But, if the prince is virtuous and kind, can the infatuation sustain? Eh No! How long the poor prince would be able to put up with a beautifully painted face underneath which lies a heart so black and ugly! Even if the beautifully painted face is adapt at changing colours to fool the prince by its pretensions, it can’t last longer. So, just a pretty face with ugly heart can’t probably work for the prince in the long run.

Take 2:
The prince spots the Cinderella who is ugly, and starts talking to her. He is not infatuated or attracted towards her. But as he interacts with her, he starts enjoying her company. He’s not at all attracted to her face, but he finds her heart beautiful. She has a heart which is just like that of the lady of her dreams. Will her face become a hurdle in their way?

May be not…The prince likes her in their first meeting. But in spite of all his virtues, he is prejudiced. He wants a part of her and does not want to own another part of her. So, he would rather give up and wait for someone who meets both his criteria.

May be…The prince likes her for her genuine heart. Each time he looks at her, he becomes more used to seeing her face, which might not be as beautiful but not something one can’t put up with. When he is with her, he feels so much at peace that no other face could ever give her. He falls for her heart first and then follows the love for her face. So that probably would serve the prince well.

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So, conclusion?

A Pretty face with a genuine heart would definitely work for the prince...
A not so pretty face with a genuine heart may work for the prince…
A pretty face with an ugly heart may initially work, but ultimately will come crashing down on him...Eh! Can’t work!

All these conclusions however are only for a prince who is virtuous, genuine and kind. For a wicked and an in genuine prince, well, Cinderella will herself kick him away ;)

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