Monday, December 15, 2014

Indispire# My 10 Anytime Watch list

When it comes to movies, I am not a big fan of those which come under the serious undertone. Nor I like action and thrillers. The movies where a lot of concept is involved like inception, or the historical ones are also not my types. Infact mostly I like girly chic flicks. Here’s my  10 anytime watchlist.

      1-   Serendipity: My all time favorite. A cute story of love and destiny. Who says love can’t happen in one meeting. Who says love should always be practical. This movie is a must watch for all the believers in destiny.
      2-    27 dresses: Here the protagonist is a cute gal who has a unique passion of giving people happiness on their weddings and she does so by being the bridesmaid in their weddings. She had saved all 27 dresses of bridesmaid in her wardrobe. The story begins when this hot guy traps her into interviewing her with all those 27 dresses on without her knowing it. One should watch the movie to know how their love story builds up. Again a cute love story.

      3-   The proposal: The pushy boss forces her young assistant to marry him for avoiding her deportation. She eventually ends up travelling to his place, who turns out to be very rich, meets his family, gets to know him and eventually falls for him. A happy watch with a happy ever after.

      4-   50 first dates: It sends the jitters out of me to see this hopelessly romantic guy fall in love with a gal who is a patient of Alzheimer’s (or something of the kind). Everyday he meets her and makes her fall in love with him all over again.

      5-   Enchanted: As the name of the movie is, it actually leaves you enchanted. A fantasy romantic comedy, where a princess from the cartoon world lands into the world of humans. Here she discovers the new found feeling of love as humans feel it.

      6-   Love struck: A musical fantasy love story. An age old tonic capable of turning old people to young is taken by the stubborn mother who is keen on stopping her daughter’s wedding citing reasons of career. The dance is awesome.

      7-   Runaway Bride: I can so identify with this girl who knows nothing about her choices. Every time she is with a guy she makes his choices her own without actually knowing her own. And at the day of wedding she always runs off leaving all her fiancĂ©es at the altar because she’s never sure. The story is about the gal finding her true love eventually.

      8-   Then add a few more like I Got a mail, The princess diaries, Pursuit of happiness, Pyar ka punchnama, Hazaron khwaishen aisi, Rang de basanti, Satta..

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  1. 51st Dates is one of my fav too.. Watch Sweet September, Walk To remember if you haven't seen them yet.

    1. have watched walk to remember! read the novel too.. its another beautiful one.. Sweet september though will have to watch :)

  2. Serendipity...yes..enjoyed few of your fav movies!

    1. Yes serendipity always tops the list for me!! :)

  3. Nice post and sweet november is a good movie.. No idea about sweet september.. You can also watch the fault in our stars.. heart touching!!!